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  I am a unique jewellery designer. Offering alternative cutting edge jewellery not found elsewhere. 

 My unique Sterling silver jewellery range covers Biker jewellery to couture items.


 Whether you are looking for Barbed wire jewellery, a barbed wire ring, barbed wire earrings, silver bullet bracelet, or a barbed wire necklace, Dirtydog is the place for you. 

My workshop


 With all Jewellery handcrafted in my workshop, using UK silver and gold bullion. This allows me to be different. Allowing you to dare to be different.  

As a jewellery designer I offer unique jewellery. My barbed wire jewellery range is now one of the largest out there. 

Dirtydog  jewelry designer......

Unique Jewellery not to be found anywhere else


  With worldwide sales but limited production runs. My designer jewellery will set you apart from the crowd. So you can be confident your barbed wire earrings, or barbed wire ring will cause a sensation.    

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I love my customers, so feel free to visit 24/7 

I am a jewelry designer offering unique jewellery. Starting with my barbed wire jewellery range.

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